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BBoy City XXVII – 2021

It was great to be back to full force this year. As a group we want to send a sincere thank you to the community for the love and support of this long running event. We appreciate each and everyone that continue to grow our event into one of the most exciting Breakin' experiences in the U.S.

This year we took it back to South Austin Rec Center for prelims and it brought an amazing nostalgic vibe to the scene. It is a place that a lot Central Texas Bboys/Bgirls got their start and played a big part of BBoy City's history, too.

We got to see and experience the next generation in a long line of Texas breakers with the crew v. crew kids battles. Shot out to Break Free Houston and our very own Burn N' Serve crews and all kids participating in the event.

This year we we're able to help start new traditions with a cypher at Waterloo Greenway Park. It allowed the kids and to dance with some of the best Breakers in the world without the pressure of the competition. It's a beautiful new space that was walking disctance to the finals at Mohawk.

Mohawk was a brand new venue to us this year and created a perfect space for the finals. As one of Austin's best live music venues it gave us a great location and a perfect amount of space for our finals. It took a lot of work to get it ready for the event, but thought it worked out perfectly.

Our winners Red Bull BC One. What can we say, but just an amazing final with Havikoro and appreciate all of you that made the journey to Austin this year to compete. We had some amazing competitors from across the world.

To all that showed up and just brought it, we thank you and look forward to next year. Much love and respect! Romeo, Omar and Roger.

Big Photo Credits to Kien Quan... Amazing as usual

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