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At the center of Hope 4 Hip Hop’s local community programs is Hope 4 Hip Hop’s youth breakdance academy- delivering breakdance instruction to Austin youth and ensuring the hip hop culture, its tenets and the benefits are passed onto the next and future generations.




Roger Davis

Bboy City’s origins date back to a time where gangs were prevalent in Austin. Working at the Austin South Austin Recreation center, Roger Davis met Romeo Navarro where together they began mentoring locals and took at-risk-youth off the streets, transforming neighborhoods from centers of gang activity to places where some of the best breaking athletes were created.


Roger now spends his time as a firefighter at the Austin Fire Department and organizes for Bboy City and Hope 4 Hip Hop.

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Bboy City now stands as the longest running competitive breaking event in the state of Texas. Austin native and event creator Romeo Navarro once traveled the world establishing Bboy City's sister competitions in seven countries. Recently he remains close to home, devoting his time to his service in the Manchaca Fire Department, Bboy City and Hope 4 Hip Hop.

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As an Austin native he started his breaking career in the late 1990s, mentored by Roger Davis via the South Austin Recreation Center. Omar is an international superstar and has competed in Paris, Japan, and London before being invited to the first Red Bull BC One World Finals 2004 in Biel, Switzerland,

He is an opinion leader and brand ambassador for Red Bull BC One. He is currently serving as the Development and Marketing Director of the Breaking Division at USA Dance, Inc and is a World DanceSport Federation licensed judge. 

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